So, pink hair now

I ended up dyeing my hair yesterday and though the dye was a mix of Directions' Atlantic Blue and Rose Red, it ended up more pink than violet. I diluted the dye with some conditioner (or more like a lot of it) so it's a lot less intense than it would've been.
I still have some dye left, but I think I'll keep that till after my entrance exams - I have some in late April so I have to dye to blonde again at that point. Don't dare go to interviews with pink hair...
What do you guys think? Does it look good? How about what do you guys think about going to job interviews or school interviews with crazy hair? Would you do it or would you dilute your craziness to a "normal" level?
How about piercings? My stretches are up to an 8 mm, and going to 10 next week, I'm going to be wearing basic plugs and some ordinary hoops for the interviews, but what would you do?