Compass tattoos

This will be my next tattoo, so here is some inspiration I am using for my design:

Beautiful Women

Jessica Rabbit

When I was little I used to love Roger Rabbit, I still have it on dvd and every once in a while I watch it, because it's just so much fun. I just love Roger Rabbit, and as a result, I love Jessica too. She was sort of the woman I wanted to become, I never did thus far, but who knows, right?

OOTD 18.12.2013

I've got an hourglass figure too, it just cointains a few extra minutes

Though trying to lose my extra pounds and having thinspiration pictures on my blog, I have nothing against a healthy curvy girl with some extra pounds. I don't think a person's worth can be measured by their size or interest in jogging. I know some really skinny girls who can't run half as long as I can, and that's minimal, so really - a person's worth is not in the body, it's in the personality of that person where you can find that quality that makes a human being.
So here's some curvespo:

Some persian art and today's life

We went to Porvoo with my dad today. Our car needed to be checked that it's good for Finnish roads again, it had to be strip searched basically. And I drove both ways, there and back again. It was both amazing and horrible, and I can tell you, I cannot do two things at the same time in the car. Impossible. If I look one way, I immediately turn the car the other way, which is really dangerous and I  should seriously learn out of it. I also take really quick turns, I'm just a bit jerky in every possible way when it comes to driving.

I'm now waiting for my boyfriend to come. I have some things planned for him, so I just can't wait.

Now here's for some persian art:

Dita Von Teese

I just adore Dita von Teese, I think she's one of the most beautiful people ever, and her voice is just unbelievable. She's also such a classic beauty, that seems to slowly gain it's power again and more people are doing her style of make up and clothing. It's a wonderful change!
It's also nice that burlesque has finally gotten popular again and in a really fun way!

A small info on how to line your eyes

I'm always struggling with eyeliner, though I use it every single day. Never use different types of eyeliner shapes, so it's sort of easy for me, but I'd really like to mix it up a bit every now and again and here's some inspiration (teaching) for that: