Cuteness Overload: More and more Billie!

Short Blonde Selfiemania!

I'm going to dye my hair to some type of reddish violet, so I thought I'd take one last selfiepost with my short blonde hair. The blonde will be back in time for entrance exams, but for now I'll stick to crazy colours.

Today's thoughts on going AWOL,winter and getting new stuff

So the last few weeks have been surprisingly warm except for now, it's been sunny out and really felt like Spring, not like most years at this time, so I spent most of my days away from the computer. I needed some personal time to get adjusted to my new routines. I have a work place now, I go to work around three times a week and do some nice old telemarketing (yeah I'm one of those annoying bitches who calls you whenever you least want it), and it's evening work, so I've been kinda exhausted afterwards.

I've still been sleeping pretty badly lately, no idea why, but I do sleep longer now, which I suppose is good for my body and my mind, but  I wish I didn't have nightmares every night. Last night  I had a nightmare that made me wake up every hour but it still ended up being the same nightmare through out the whole night! So I just woke up, fell asleep and saw the same horrid events just continued. It wasn't very relaxing and I ended up hoping I'd just wake up completely so I wouldn't have to see that anymore.

So yes, I've sort of been busy the last few weeks and have thus not updated my blog, although I have to say some of it is due to my therapy. I started this blog out of therapeutic reasons and it has helped me get through the worst, but now I am through the worst and am seeing my therapist less frequently, I feel happy most of the time, I don't feel like the world's about to collapse around me, I even look forward to seeing what my life will become, and all of those together have made me think maybe, just maybe I should spend less time with my blog, so I would see how that affects my mood. Thus far it's been going great, and I feel quite happy with my life. I am still eating antidepressants which of course may be the reason why I feel as happy as I do, but we won't know that for quite some time to come.

I still have one essay to finish, but I spent the end of last week in Tampere getting my BA, which I should get in the mail in a matter of two or three weeks, yay! Finally, didn't take me a year to finish after I had actually written my BA thesis - oh well, better late than never, I say!
And as you can see, I got a new wig in the mail, ordered it from Ebay and managed to get three exact same wigs for the price of one. I have no idea why, still wondering what to do with the rest. So have a great week and I'll try and get back to some posting rhythm!

Stripes and Lace - H&M Haul