Did some changes to my bedroom

I didn't have nearly enough desk space in my room, so we had to create a new order into my room with a new table. It's got my letter writing things and laptop on it now, which used to be on the floor before.

How do I prepare myself for a photoshoot?

I've gotten used to packing things in advance, mostly from travelling, and I've also learned to pack things really tightly. These days, now that I've gotten into the whole modelling thing (not professionaly, no), I've started using my mum's old medical bag for all my stuff: make up, clothing, shoes, everything.

What I do at home before I leave for a photoshoot, is make sure I have my basic make up on, which for me is just eyes, because I don't really need foundation and it's easy to apply right before the shoot, and lipstick isn't necessary for some shoots, so I prefer to ask the photographer on their opinion once I see them.

I don't own a car or really drive one either, though I have a driver's licence, so I use public transport really often. Today I am going on a shoot in Kaunianen which is on the other side of Helsinki from my perspective, so I'm going take two different trains to get there. It's important I dress warmly and have enough time for any trains being late and so forth, so I leave relatively early. I'm usually way too early for stuff anyways, so that's a bit of a bad habit...

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If you have any questions regarding the whole modelling thing and photoshoots, do ask, I'd love to answer if I can! I'd love any questions too, they would make my day <3

Outfit of the Day 19.2.2014 Today's my photoshoot

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