Today's thoughts on jobs, June and Canada

So I think you all guessed where I'm going this coming June? That's right, I'm heading over to Canada, baby! I've never been outside of Europe before, and I just can't wait, because I'm going to meet the best of people and the nicest guy who's taking me in for over two weeks. I'm spending over two weeks in Hamilton right next to Toronto. I'm such a lucky girl I can't even describe me enthusiasm now!

Also I got a job as a telephone saleswoman, big surprise as I worked for them before already, but it's going to help me with the expenses of the travel and paying back from the plane tickets. It's not the most glamourous job in the world, but it's not that bad. It's actually quite comfy, just sitting around and calling people about random magazines.

But Canada, baby! I just can't wait, it's 99 days from now and I'm going to count each and every one of them, because I just can not wait what so ever!

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Make Up Project: Make Up of the Day 1.3.2014

Products used:
Maybelline Matt Finish Powder transluscent
Glamour Doll Eyes Aqua Foil
Some random eyeliner that came with a magazine

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