Today's thoughts on driving cars

So I've been going to work in the evening these past couple of weeks and that has meant that I have taken our car from the garage and driven it 15 kms and back again during one evening, and you know what? I hate it.
I like driving cars usually - if the road is long, straight and broad or the car small - but short  distances and especially the whole hassle with our garage that's way too small for our car, no naha not even close to something I'd enjoy.
Actually, I managed to do relatively well the first week or so; no accidents, no hitting the wall or doors, not bumping into other cars - but still I manage to be really afraid of the whole ordeal. I mean, I'm actually at the point where I can easily say that if I have to drive that car out of our garage one more time I will get a panic attack. I start panicking a lot before I go into the car. I start shaking at the end of my work day or hours before it, knowing I'll have to drive our car. I can't concentrate on driving when I'm just thinking about having to go into the garage. It's just come to the point where I don't know how to handle the situation.
Otherwise everything's going fine, haven't had a panic attack in ages and feel really happy most of the time. It's just that damned car and garage!

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