Gel Nail Inspiration

I really want gel nails (and eyelash lengthenings), I want to pamper myself.

Little hospital photoshoot with Hanna

I really enjoy it when Hanna comes to visit, makes my day a lot better. We took these photos yesterday and had so much fun! (I hope she had fun too)

I also bought some make up online and got to wear them for these!

Isn't she beautiful? And I just love her dress


I need a change part 2

These are now just colour inspiration for my plans to redecorate my bedroom:

Having visitors is fun!

Yay! Hanna (my bestest school friend) came to see me again here and I decided we needed a few photos! And yes the last picture is a very manicc yellow-teethed me.
We tried to do our Russian homework but it did not go well. That language makes no sense to me. Yet. 
Also PS Hanna is awesome!


Oh the lights!

So a few weeks back we went to Linnanmäki amusement park for their yearly light carneval with a few friends from school. It was awesome and there was a stand up comedy show too, which was so much fun.

New Hospital Update

Alright, I think now is the time to really explain all of this.

I went to hospital because the lymphnodes on my neck were so swollen that my entire neck was in pain and swollen, my throat was swollen and incredibly painful, so I couldn't eat, drink or take my meds. Which is why I was admitted.

I was sent to Aurora hospital, which is the place where they have a ward for infectious diseases. They suspected three things; herpes, cytomegalo and EBV (mononucleosis). All tests came back negative. Although the symptoms were those of mono, that came back negative as well. This can mean two things, either the tests really were negative and I had something else or then because of my immunosuppression there were false negatives.

In any case a couse of antivirals, antibiotics and cortison has now gotten rid of my symptoms and I am in that sense healthy again. They might let me leave this week!

However, I have a new problem: my entire right hand and wrist is extremely swollen and painful. I have similar pains in my left leg and hand as well, but those are still functional. I cannot do anything at all with my right hand. And I'm right-handed.
They took an ultrasound to see if there are signs of trombosis (bloof clots), deep bruises or inflammationn, but saw nothing at all to suggest those. So now I'm on nervepainkillers, because they think it might be nerve related, and maybe I will have an ENMG later on (not in the next two weeks). It would show if there are changes or problems in my nerve pathways.

Writing this has been horrible, because I've had to use just one hand and I keep making mistakes with my left hand, so sorry for any typos I've missed. My right hand/arm is entirely immobile now, because it hurts even when I do nothing with it.

I'm also still in queue for the psychiatric department, and I might need to start my anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills again.

Lyrica 75 mg x2
Diapam 10 mg x3 (if needed)
Panadol 1 g x3
Some antibiotic that I can't remember the name of
My regular meds
Medrol 8 mg extra
And last night I got some benzo to help me sleep through the pain, which helped and now the nurses are trying to get it to me on a regular basis.


I need a change...

...in my bedroom. It's not simple, it's cramped and like a maze. It isn't the easiest of room plans either so I need to carefully consider how I'll change it, but H has promised to help me with her boyfriend if possible, so maybe I'll get this done.
Here's part 1 of inspiration, part 2 will be about colours and patterns.