A New Hospital Update

I thought I shoud probably write something about the last few weeks here, since I haven't really talked about anything in a while.
So my doctors still aren't sure whether the stuff the in my lungs is pneumonia or lung embolisms. Seeing as I have trombi (blood clots) in both my legs and two around my liver, it is possible I have something in my lungs as well.
I get treatment for that, heparin shots twice a day.

They've give up on antibiotics for a while, but my CRP is rising again, so at some point they may have to consider beginning some antibiotics again.

I had a BIC catheter in my right arm for a few days, but it caused a massive deep bruise (my entire right arm is purple-black) and it stopped working, so now I have a new CV on my neck. It's much more comfortable.

My whole body is covered in small bruises and small red dots, where blood has come out of a small vein. My left leg and my right arm aren't as swollen anymore as they were, but everything still hurts so much that I can't even describe it.
And I don't think I'm being treated with the right pain medication, But the pain doctor didn't come this week, so I have to wait till tomorrow or the day after or who knows how long till I see him and maybe get some changes to my pain medication.

Especially my right leg is now extremely painful, muscles hurt and feel like they've been in spazms and my ankles are really sensitive to touch.

My potassium levels were very low a few days ago, and before I came here to the Triangle hospital from Aurora, my hemoglobin was just 67 so I got five bags of blood! Five! Now my Hb levels are good enough so I don't need anything extra.

That's about it. I don't know more and neither do the doctors it seems.