This is the site for my contact information - if you are a private person who just wants to get in contact with me, or a company who wants to send me some goodies for review, or whatever whoever you are - this is the site for you!

My general contact information right now is
Frankie Savage

but I am expecting to get a PO Box at some point as well, so then I will have an actual address to place here as well.

Please do contact me, I love getting email (and mail once I get things set up) and love you guys!

XOXO Frankie Savage

My other sites include a tumblr account (frankie-savage), instagram (frankiessavage) and vampire freaks (FrankieSavage)

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  1. Hi, Frankie! I just accidentally came across your blog on Pinterest and was immediately intrigued. Not only do I like your style, I also like your attitude. Thanks for your post on ideas re sloped ceilings. I, too, have that problem upstairs. I am a retired nurse, a mother and grandmother, living in Connecticut, USA. I am amazed at how much you have accomplished in your life, despite lengthy medical crises. Keep your chin up, Frankie. You are obviously able to overcome just about anything.