Outfit of the Day 30.1.2014

Cuteness Overload: Billie the Lapdog and Billie the Foxmeeting Dog

My dad took these pictures of me and Billie sleeping on my bed. I know it's a bad habit for her, but she's so fluffy and warm and cute, I don't mind. Sorry I look like crap.
Also I took a few photos of her licking the fox scarf I have on my table, it's the head of an actual fox, so it must smell interesting for her. She used to be afraid of it!

Tampere Haul

I went on a bit of a shopping spree when I was visiting Tampere - bought a few books, some hair products, a lipstick and ear stretchers for beginners!

Short History of Islam and Pharmacist Melchior - novel

BC Color Freeze and Aussie Luscious Long leave in conditioners

Isadora Jelly Kiss lipstick in shade 56 "Raspberry Sorbet"

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 3 Clouds

There are no clouds today whatsoever, I'm sorry.
This is a really difficult Photo Challenge, since it expects life to go according to the days. It doesn't.

LUSH Cosmetics Pack

Mail brough me some Lush products yesterday, and I'm super excited about them. I got some shampoo, a sample of a shower gel and some hair balm for split ends.
They seem lovely thus far, although they are very strongly scented, which doesn't bother me while I'm using them, but when I have the smell all around me all day long, it's a bit too much...I'm really sensitive for smells, so I don't even use any perfume, so these are maybe a bit too strongly scented for me, but as they might make my shampoo bills cheaper I'm not going to complain!

Ultimate Shine shampoo, for shining hair

Cinnamon-y shampoo

Flying Fox shower gel

Shine So Bright hair balm -  very scented!