Outfit of the Day 25.1.2014

The photos are on purpose taken with a slow shutter. I like the effect!
Jeans H&M, Top Osiris Clothing, Cardigans blue one I don't know and green one Gina Tricot.

Learning Sami

Today was my quick and intensive course in Sami, or more like general Sami or Northern Sami (most spoken today), as there are ten different types of Sami and all are different enough from each other not to be understood by other Sami speakers and there are also various regional dialects inside those ten different Sami. But I've wanted to learn the language (Northern Sami) ever since I was little but much more so after I stumbled across  the music of a certain Norwegian Sami singer - Mari Boine.

Sami are the indigenous people of Northern Europe, most likely descending from tribes from Russia. They've been, as many indigenous people, oppressed, used and denied rights, but have now finally received acknowledgement. They are allowed to teach in Sami and learn Sami and speak Sami and live their lives as Sami (some are still reindeer herders) and practice their own beliefs if they still believe in the old religion (which today isn't very prevalent at all).

Mari Boine, Norwegian Sami

If you're interested in learning Sami there is a great website to help with that. They also have exercises and listening practice. You can find them here: http://kursa.oahpa.no/2012/02/03/1-1-buorre-beaivi-hu/

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Vegan Foodporn

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