30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 15 - Silhouette

This was really a difficult thing to get done, but I managed something in that direction...

However, since Google has this ridiculous idea about correcting all of my photos, I can't show it to you, because it refuses to let the lighting be as is and tries to make it in to a basic side portrait. I hate Google+

Good Night Everybody

En voinut ladata siluettikuvaani koska Google+ on ämmä, joka korjaa jotain mitä ei haluta korjattavan. Vatun haahka. Öitä.

First Bleach on My Way to White Heaven

With a New Haircut - Maybe New Hair Dye? White Hair Inspo

This is a bit of inspiration for getting platinum blonde hair. I've never had my hair that blonde, but I want to try it out! I'm getting tired of the green, though it's pretty, but I want something new again, so I've bought all the dyes and bleaches and hope to achieve something along the line of these that I found on Tumblr.
All photos from Tumblr.

Haluaisin värjätä hiukseni näin valkoisiksi ja ehkä sen teenkin tässä piakkoin. Kaikki kuvat Tumblrista.

Short Hair Selfiemania

Second Photoshoot with Timo Otamo 19.2.2014

This one was a bit more dearing than the last one, so I won't show you all the photos, just a few of the more covered up ones.

What do you guys think?
Mitäs pidätte tämänkertaisista kuvista?

Moustaches - yes or no?

I've been trying to get my razorhating dad to grow a moustache, so I wouldn't hear him bitching every morning about "having to" razor his face, but he refuses, he says it feels even worse than razoring! But I'd still like to see him with a moustache, 'cause people look so different with and without facial hair. I think moustaches are cool, but as for how they feel I can't say much, since I'm a girl and don't have one (no seriously, I do get one if I don't pluck).

So what do you think? Do you like facial hair or not? Mitä mieltä olette, pitäisikö miehellä olla karvoja kasvoissa?
Here's some examples I found on Tumblr. Kuvat Tumblrista.