Horrendous and Wonderful Day

My day started just like that - it was horrendous. My stomach ached like mad, everything hurt and I could barely get a word out of  my mouth because I was in such a haze and my mouth so dry and somehow my tongue too big for my mouth, if you know what I mean?

I had the examination called ENMG today, which is to check that my nerves are fine, and thank goodness the doctor was so sweet, because I told him about my stomach problems and that I was actually wearing a diaper, so he only checked the big nerves that he said would get damaged first if any were damaged. And I got a clean bill of health from him, no nerve damage whatsoever.

But my stomach would nnot let it go, and I ended up sleeping till about two pm when my old friend Jessi came with her son to meet me and do some energy healing. She's been practicing and she was amazing. She took away the pain in both my knees and my ankles and we had such a blast together.
We also took some photos, so I'll show them to you in another post!

Hospital Photoshoot with JBM: The Child and Her Teddy