Today's Thoughts on being rude and packing

I can be a bit of a volatile person, I'm really temperamental and I tend to react to negativity in an aggressive manner. I didn't used to be this way, but years of being bullied and having to make medical professionals believe me has made me a very guarded person.
I don't just let things slide, I react to them. And if I have made some of you undervalued or that I've been mean to you, I'm really sorry. I don't want to hurt people but I know how to do it. And this isn't just for my readers, it's to all that have felt me be negative towards them for no reason. I have seen a reason and thus reacted accordingly, but as someone pointed out to me today is that I don't know a commenter's agenda so being rude back gives nothing. Just a bad taste in the mouth as we say here.
Other than that I've been packing today, got all my clothes for my trip ready and only need to make sure I have my meds and all my papers and tickets with me when I leave on Saturday.
I'll be stuck at JFK for about four hours so I'll see some US as well! I really like airports. Hate flying but not airports or airplanes. Weird huh?
Also I don't need to go to my entrance exams this week because I got accepted to Haaga-Helia to study Multilingual Management Assistant studies. I'm super happy even if it was my third choice!

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