Today's thoughts and some military inspired fashion

I was so excited and hyperactive in the morning, that I really went on full overload of happiness, and it didn't really stop now either, since I spent the entire evening knitting, watching TV and checking a huge box full of old photos almost simultaniously, and found some real diamonds in between!
I'm going to put a big photoset on my wall at some point, because there are things that I really want to remember from my life. And old photos of all our dogs and our two cats (who've both passed away). The pictures are way too cute. Maybe I'll show you one or two when I get them scanned!

And at the same time, the entire day, I've basically worn my dad's old army uniform since it's super super warm. It's like forty or fifty years old but still in perfect condition and since he was in the alpine infrantry they had some pretty darn warm clothes and our house is freezing cold. Well not today, but mostly in the winter it is (today we started heating).

So here's some inspiration pictures I ravaged through after I realised that hey, wearing this dress shirt might actually make a pretty darn fashionable dress with a nice belt!

Recipes: Broccoli and Pasta Bolognese Gratin á la FrankieSavage

- minced meat
- butter
- crushed tomatoes
- tomato puree
- fresh tomatoes
- fresh bell peppers
- onion
- garlic
- water
- salt
- pepper
- rosemary, thyme, and any other herb
  that suits minced meat in your opinion
- steamed broccoli
- some form of easily gratinated pasta
- cheddar or gruyere or dubliner
  or any other very mature cheese,
  or if you find it better: mozzarella

1. Make the bolognese sauce: cook the meat on the pan with butter,
add all other ingredients except pasta and cheese.
Cook the pasta in a separate pan at the same time and steam the broccoli untill soft.

2. Grate the cheese or make slices

3. Butter the oven form of your choice

4. Put everything except the cheese into the oven form

5. Add cheese on top and cook in the oven
until cheese is getting brownish-golden and has melted

Photos XXXV: Just too cute to be true! (watch out for cuteness overload)

I have a huge cuteness day today, I've been awake so long it's beginning to show as complete hyperactivity. I'm writing an essay on Plato's Republic and what I think of it, and it's just wonderful to be so happy happy happy. Okay, my anti-depressants obviously work, I'd normally not be this eager to help, or this happy with everything. I'm starting to sound manic, aren't I? Oh well, don't care a dime! I'm waiting a call from that shrink I saw in the hospital a few times, the nice one, but she hasn't called me yet.... I hate waiting. But thankfully I have cleaning to do, blog to write and essay to finish!

So here's all the cuteness of the world packed into one photoset (okay not ALL the cuteness, that just wouldn't fit into anything):

Photos XXXIV: Restyled T-Shirts

I just love love love diy t-shirt tutorials and doing them myself, I love fixing up shirts that don't really fit me as such, because just a plain t-shirt can be so boring! There are a few of these I've made myself, but most of these inspo photos are completely new designs for me, and I just can't wait to get my hands on some t-shirts that I can updo like these:

The best smoothies I've ever tasted

When I got into my smoothie craze last spring (because I  just couldn't eat normal food) I started looking for the best smoothies, since, big surprise, they were the only thing I could eat. I did put extra ice cream in each, because the cancer was making me lose weight at a very unhealthy rate, so remember that these are the original recipes without my added three hundred grams of ice cream.

Remember that these do not represent 1 serving, these are just my measures from when I used them, so keep that in mind.

Simple Berry Smoothie:
1 packet of mixed frozen berries
1 can of peaches with juice
4 tablespoons of honey
2 dl of yoghurt (optional)
-Remember to cook the berries before use unless you've picked them yourself, don't want a bad stomach do we?
-Mix everything in a mixer or any other way you find good

Strawberry-Banana Smoothie:
2 cups of strawberries
1 banana
3 dl yoghurt
1 dl milk (optional)
-Remember again, frozen berries may contain bacteria you don't want, so cook'em
-And again mix everything

Banana-Pineapple Smoothie (or maybe more a fruitie)
1 banana
1 cup FRESH pineapple cubes
3 dl pineapple or apple juice
-I'm going to stop giving you hints now

Breakfast Smoothie
1 banana
1 cup berries
1 cup yoghurt
1 cup oats

Green Smoothie
2 cups green apples
½ dl spinach leaves
3 cups yoghurt

Peanut butter-Banana Smoothie
2 bananas
2 cups milk
4 tablespoons peanut butter

Bedroom dilemmas and slanted ceilings

Behind the biggest part of my bedroom lies a sort of walk-in-closet, however, it's filled with stuff and needs to be cleared out, since none of it is mine and I want to use the space for storage. I also feel that the way it's been used thus far for storage is really ineffective and leaves a lot of space to use! So I want to redo the entire thing. It also needs new wallpapers or at least a dash of paint (looks dreadful inside, you'll soon see). So I've been looking through some ideas of using a slanted ceiling area for storage. Sadly it's too small for most of the ideas, but they're a way of giving me hints as to what I'm going to do.

If you have any ideas of your own you'd like to share, or you've had similar trouble in the past, because most old houses in Finland do have a slanted ceiling area on the upper floor (plus an attic on a third floor), so you may be able to give some ideas for me. So comment away!

Second Day of Christmas: Tulle and Snowflakes Wreath DIY

My second day of DIY Christmas ideas, this time a wreath made of tulle and glittery snowflakes. Now for this one there's no tutorial, but there's plenty of pictures (one I snapped from Pinterest) so you'll know what it's supposed to look like.
I'm going to give you a little hint how it may be possible to make:
You need a hell of a lot of tulle, at least three metres. And you need some band, preferable not elastic and preferable quite wide to connect the tulle to the band, so that it folds properly.
Then you need either ready glittery snowflakes, or snowflakes and glue and glitter (or just glitter glue). And there you are!

A Fish Who Likes Flowers