Photos XXXV: Just too cute to be true! (watch out for cuteness overload)

I have a huge cuteness day today, I've been awake so long it's beginning to show as complete hyperactivity. I'm writing an essay on Plato's Republic and what I think of it, and it's just wonderful to be so happy happy happy. Okay, my anti-depressants obviously work, I'd normally not be this eager to help, or this happy with everything. I'm starting to sound manic, aren't I? Oh well, don't care a dime! I'm waiting a call from that shrink I saw in the hospital a few times, the nice one, but she hasn't called me yet.... I hate waiting. But thankfully I have cleaning to do, blog to write and essay to finish!

So here's all the cuteness of the world packed into one photoset (okay not ALL the cuteness, that just wouldn't fit into anything):

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