Today's thoughts and some military inspired fashion

I was so excited and hyperactive in the morning, that I really went on full overload of happiness, and it didn't really stop now either, since I spent the entire evening knitting, watching TV and checking a huge box full of old photos almost simultaniously, and found some real diamonds in between!
I'm going to put a big photoset on my wall at some point, because there are things that I really want to remember from my life. And old photos of all our dogs and our two cats (who've both passed away). The pictures are way too cute. Maybe I'll show you one or two when I get them scanned!

And at the same time, the entire day, I've basically worn my dad's old army uniform since it's super super warm. It's like forty or fifty years old but still in perfect condition and since he was in the alpine infrantry they had some pretty darn warm clothes and our house is freezing cold. Well not today, but mostly in the winter it is (today we started heating).

So here's some inspiration pictures I ravaged through after I realised that hey, wearing this dress shirt might actually make a pretty darn fashionable dress with a nice belt!

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