Recipes: Broccoli and Pasta Bolognese Gratin á la FrankieSavage

- minced meat
- butter
- crushed tomatoes
- tomato puree
- fresh tomatoes
- fresh bell peppers
- onion
- garlic
- water
- salt
- pepper
- rosemary, thyme, and any other herb
  that suits minced meat in your opinion
- steamed broccoli
- some form of easily gratinated pasta
- cheddar or gruyere or dubliner
  or any other very mature cheese,
  or if you find it better: mozzarella

1. Make the bolognese sauce: cook the meat on the pan with butter,
add all other ingredients except pasta and cheese.
Cook the pasta in a separate pan at the same time and steam the broccoli untill soft.

2. Grate the cheese or make slices

3. Butter the oven form of your choice

4. Put everything except the cheese into the oven form

5. Add cheese on top and cook in the oven
until cheese is getting brownish-golden and has melted

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