Evening DIY: Hello Kitty Pullover

I had this dark plum (in the photos more like maroon) college pullover that just screamed for some DIY, so I printed out a Hello Kitty stencil and painted a white Hello Kitty on the shirt.

Selfiemania: Curls and Eyeliner

I've been asleep for most of the day, still have a little bug that's keeping my temperature up a tad, but not enough to make me really sick. Just enough to make me tired and give me a headache. I hope it's away soon, before tomorrow, because tomorrow is my photoshoot day and I'm super duper excited! I can't wait to have real photography taken of me! I've usually been the one behind the camera and now I can really try and model!

I have to get some inspiration first though, practice poses and stuff like that. See how I look from different angles, I think I'll do that today with my camera. See what happens. You may also get to see my outfit, my wonderful at home slabby outfit. I know slabby isn't a word. At least I don't know what it's supposed to mean if it is a word but it seems like the kind of thing I'd call my at home outfit - slabby.

Tried to curl my hair today using my curling iron. Turned out rather well if I say so myself, though I did burn myself a couple of times. At least my hair got curly and won't stop being curly. So it's sticking and that's good! Usually the curls unfold rather quickly...

As make up I only used eyeliner today, and some lipstick but the lipstick didn't hold long enough to show on the photos. I don't mind, I like not having that much make up on in photos. Never use any foundation or powder either, and I think it's completely okay. I don't need to look perfect in photos, I just want to look like me, and that I think I usually do. A bit of a weirdo with no make up.

I redyed my hair green on Saturday, it was starting to fade and as my hair got longer I started showing my lovely natural colour on the roots, so I really needed a redye. Thankfully my hair is so used to getting dyed that it's actually still in good condition. Not mention the green dye sticks really well, so I didn't have to dye all of my hair again, just the top part.

Have had such a constructive day today, geez Louise, I've slept and watched Stargate Atlantis. I think I'll continue on this path, plus make make up ready for tomorrow! Need to have everything packed and ready before tomorrow at 3 pm. We're shooting at 5 pm so I need to be ready early.