So hospital again

So I'm in the hospital again: nothing serious, no worries, just really painful and very mysterious.

You see my lymph nodes in my neck swell up and my throat is swollen and extremely painful - nobody knows why or how, just that Valavir (valaciclovir) takes it away. However, before that happens I can't eat or drink. So I need an IV.

Now I was able to push food down with the help of the painkillers, so hopefully I won't stay here too long. I get the antivirals plus paracetamol and Tramal. It's a mild opiate. It's way stronger than plain old paracetamol but calling it an opiate feels somewhat funny. At least with the low doses - I don't get side effects or anything and even the painkilling capacity is slightly laughable. But it's definitely an improvement to paracetamol!

Hopefully I'll get out soon, but till then, I'll write from here. Tomorrow my dad should come and bring my laptop so I won't have to write from my phone.

Also: how bad can veins get? Five (5) people tried to find a vein for blood samples and after about fifteen stabs they found one miserably slow one in my left foot! I am not a happy camper.