Nighttime fitness

Personally, I prefer to do all my weight training and aerobic exercising during the hours of the night, when the sun isn't shining. I find that daylight should be preserved for daytime activities, and the night for both sleep and fitness.

Now I usually wake up around five for a moment, just long enough to do my weight exercises, and my aerobic exercising I usually do during the evening when it's just gone dark, because it's just that much more comfortable. And it's much cooler, so it's easier to go on without sweating like a pig. I hate sweating, not a good thing when trying to get fit.

What do you guys think? Is it better or worse doing fitness during the night?

Grunge Street Fashion

You probably are already...

Cuteness overload part 2

More bunnies being too cute to resist!

Books books and more beautiful books

Some haute couture - my favourites

Ziad Nakad



Zuhair Murad


Recipe of the Day: Pasta Lorraine

Me and my dad were both too tired to do any "real" cooking, as I'm really not in the mood for food, so we decided to use some farfalle that we had stored in our cupboard for quite some time already.
And we also always have onions, cheese and bacon pieces, so we decided to mix everything together.

- 1 packet of pieced bacon
- 2 dl grated cheese (minimum)
- 250 g of pasta (we used farfalle)
- 1 onion, pieced
- 1 garlic, minced
- 2 dl milk (doesn't matter what kind)
- 2 eggs

- Fry onions, garlic and bacon while you are boiling the pasta
- Mix everything together and place in an oven form
- Bake untill the cheese is brownish in about 200 degrees centigrade (celsius)
- Eat your wonderful pasta lorraine!

I ♥♥♥ Coffee

I love coffee so much these days that I don't even know what to do anymore, if  I can't get a good cup in the morning, during the day and in the afternoon. It's no wonder I'm so frigging hyperactive...

I used to hate coffee when I was a bit younger, but now I think I only hated it because I never got a good cup in my life. Now we have one of those capsule machines, and though unbelievably annoyingly trashmaking, the coffees are a m a z i n g. I love a few of them especially, but all the espressos for example are to die for.

I also like the fact that though cookies are mostly good with tea and not coffee, there are few specific cookies that just taste better with coffee. And buns! Cinnamon rolls and things like that just taste better with coffee and not with tea. Maybe it's the cinnamon itself of in the buns the cardamom.

This is sort of what I looked like a few months back....I  don't smoke anymore

So true.

Thoughts of the day - how to clean in an organised fashion?

1. I don't know.

I just pour everything out of everything on the floor and try to make it into something that's at least halfway organised. Now please, if any of you have any sort of tips on how to clean (and by clean I don't mean vacuuming, but organising) in a manner that does not involve a catastrophe zone in the room in which the cleaning is done, I would be very very happy to hear them.

Not kidding about the catastrophe zone.

Healthspo - health inspiration

Now this came as a surprise to me, didn't know even that had been spoed, but this is really something I need, since as you can see from my food diaries, I don't really live a healthy life. At the moment, it's less to do with dieting, and more to do with a complete loss of appetite. I think it's my anti-depressants that make me want to not eat anything, though I feel hungry basically constantly.

Anyway, I need to take control of myself and eat better, at least that might help me. I don't want to eat more, because when I do, I start feeling sick and might throw up, and I don't want to lose any more calories, since I'm most of the days not getting nearly enough of them! Some days I just live on three protein bars and a lot of coffee. It's not good or healthy.

But here you go with some healthspo: