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Now this came as a surprise to me, didn't know even that had been spoed, but this is really something I need, since as you can see from my food diaries, I don't really live a healthy life. At the moment, it's less to do with dieting, and more to do with a complete loss of appetite. I think it's my anti-depressants that make me want to not eat anything, though I feel hungry basically constantly.

Anyway, I need to take control of myself and eat better, at least that might help me. I don't want to eat more, because when I do, I start feeling sick and might throw up, and I don't want to lose any more calories, since I'm most of the days not getting nearly enough of them! Some days I just live on three protein bars and a lot of coffee. It's not good or healthy.

But here you go with some healthspo:

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