Tampere trip and OOTD #4

As I said in my earlier post, we went to Tampere with my bf/ex and tried cleaning out my apartment, well it's never all that simple, but we got a lot done and now it's just a matter of finding people to buy a few of my things and then getting them out of there. Also I have to go back with my dad and our bigger car for a few chairs and things. But a lot I through out and a lot a lot I brought home with me.

My entire room is filled with things now and I have to sort through all of them. With a fine toothed comb I might add, since my room doesn't fit all that many clothes that I brought home. Plus some I never wear anyways, might as well through them out to people who do want them!

I drove all the way there and back again and I was paralised for a few hundred miles haha. I'm really not used to driving. But it was fun, I'll tell you that much. Rain and no sunlight makes a good trip yeeeesss.

Here's a few pictures of today and my ginger hair, plus my outfit of the day: sleeping with sirens top and white trousers.

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