Weight Loss - New Starting Point

Today I decided to measure myself completely, which was easy as I'm in a hospital and there's a scale and a measuring band in the room. Here's the data that I'll share with you:

I am at the moment 75,2 kg heavy. I wish to lose at least 15 kgs, but 20 kgs would be amazing.
Chest: 96 cm
Waist: 85 cm
Hips: 112 cm

I will be checking these measurements closely while I diet. As  I said, I will be dieting healthily, so that my body gets what it needs but still loses weight.

Oh and by the way, I have now decided to go lacto-ovo-vegitarian. I won't be eating any meat at all from now on till I don't know when. I want to eat ethically produced meat (cows and sheep that have had a happy life) but I just can't afford that now, so I will have to wait till then to start eating meat again.
With one exception: we always have a whole duck for Christmas dinner. So that's still going to happen.
I will be eating eggs and milk products the same as usual though, I  would prefer to get them ethically as well, but for now not eating meat will have to suffice. At least I'm doing something, right?


  1. I'm getting active again with my weight loss mission as well :) I'm weighing myself every day and taking measurements once a week. So far, I've dropped 3 kilos from when I was at my heaviest. It's not much, considering how much time has passed, but I can feel enough of a difference that I definitely don't want those 3 kg back again! My new hobby, ashtanga yoga, has really given me a motivation boost on this. It sounds really cliché, but yoga has given me such a new kind of respect towards my body that I don't want to feed it any junk.
    I ditched red meat three years ago. It began as an experiment, really – I just wanted to see if it would be difficult in any way to find alternatives for meat. It turned out that it wasn't, AND that I was feeling so much better without it. I've considered giving up poultry as well, because it's mostly raised in such horrible conditions. But I'll never stop eating fish, I love it way too much :)
    Good luck on your way to weight loss, we can do this!!

    1. I'd really love to get into yoga, but it's always felt a bit too slow paced for me. I really enjoy lifting weights and that's about it. I really should start with yoga because it would really help me get my stretchiness back and make me feel my muscles work. But I need to firsst check out all the different sorts of yoga to make sure I choose the right one!
      Yeah I nevver ever experimented on leaving meat out, but now i really feel like i can't with good conscious eat sny kind of meat.Wild and fish might not me that big of problem, but i'm going the whole hog for now!

    2. Oh, if you want a dynamic sort of yoga, I can definitely recommend Ashtanga. That, Vinyasa and Power Yoga are the most exercise-y types of yoga, you get cardio, muscle workout and stretching all in one ;) Some other types of yoga are way too slow and meditative for me as well, but Ashtanga is much more than sitting in a lotus position and getting spiritually enlightened xD Hugs for you <3

    3. That sounds really good! I should probably try that out! Sounds so much more like me than the meditative kinds where your inner self will be revealed or something.