Back in the Hospital

So I'm back here again, I came last night around 7 pm and haven't written anything because I've been having the most horrible stomach aches ever. Thank goodness for medication for that (they don't even need to ask the doctor).

At home I first just sat down because it was so much work getting all the packages addressed to me and all the food we'd just bought to get in the house and I was exhausted. Billie was dancing around me and she was so unbelievably happy to see me. She doesn't do that big of a dance with just dad around, so I'm definitely her mommy.

After a while of just sitting there I made us lunch. Well "made" us lunch, cause I just turned the oven on and stuck in jalapenopoppers, mozzarellasticks and some weird red chilli cream cheese things which are delicious. After eating way way too much, I went upstairs to open the packages. I got two from EMP.fi and had been waiting for them for a while now. In the first one was two bedsheet things - one with comic book sound effects and one with Duff beer on it, and also the dress I'll wear on my birthday. It's so beautiful - galaxy print, heart cut back and v-cut front. I love it so much!
In the second one were shorts with these clasp things that you can attach socks to, a way too small lolita skirt and really lovely red glitter leggings. I took them here with me.

Then I just slept. Just slept. Untill it was time to leave and come back here, but it was still so worth it.


  1. What lovely packages! It wasn't just all the chilli and cheese that gave you a stomachache was it? I would be in so much pain but i have a really sensitive tummy!

    1. Oh no,I've had a lousy stomach for days now (thank god for adult diapers), so no I doubt it had much effect. Maybe it made stuff move a bit faster :D

  2. I'm trying to imagine what a dog's happy dance looks like when the dog is Billie's size :D the dress sounds really cool, there'll be pictures right?

    Somehow, my visits to you inspired me to have a long-overdue deeeeeep conversation with my mum. About myself, which is a subject I'm abysmally bad at talking about! I can't really say what the exact connection between visiting you and having existential convos with mum is, but I'm certain that there is one. So thank you for inspiring <3

    1. It's about the same just a lot bigger :D she jumps on all four, it's so cute!

      Haha well you're welcome! Didn't know I could do that to people :D