My (very tiny) Beauty Routine

I thought this kind of post was in order as I've gotten a few comments about my clear skin. I know most of you probably use some sort of products for your face from soaps to creams, and probably every day.

I have to now come clean and say I don't use anything.
At all.

I have soaps and cleansers and creams and I use none of them. I have cleansing towels for when I've worn make up, but other than that  I don't wash my face, I don't cleanse it, I don't put cream on it except for after shower and maybe right before bed if it's feeling dryish. I also don't take a shower more often than once a week.
I do take care of personal hygiene - clean under my armpits and so on, but as we have hand showers in the toilets in Finland, I don't need a whole body shower every day. I also don't go to places or get sweaty most days, so there's no real dirt gathering. During the summer I do shower more often, but without soap.

I am really bohemian when it comes to this sort of thing. I believe in the natural flora of my skin, my good bacteria, doing their work well, and thus I don't think cleaning them off is a good idea. If I wash my face and my body too often, I can't easily go back. I prefer using as few products as possible and as seldom as possible. For me, this has worked. I don't get bad skin, and it's most of the times not too dry or too fatty, just ordinary.

Any comments? What do you guys do for your skin? Do you think it's disgusting that I don't wash and treat it that often?

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