Outfit of the Day 6.12.2013

You know today is the independence day here in Finland, and I just decided I needed to wear something a bit nicer than my trashy horrid attire I usually wear at home (which I will show you at some point...maybe). I didn't want to wear white and blue, because today is also Santa day in Switzerland, so we're doing our little Pre-Christmas party today with me, dad and my ex. Eating raclette and having a lot of fun with very dark humour.

So I wanted to be a bit christmas-y. so I decided to wear this beautiful red dress I found at a thrift store for like 7 euros, which is very cheap here and the quality is amazing. Shame I'm freezing like mad, so I needed to put on my dad's old army pullover over it afterwards, so now I'm wearing the dress and a black woolly pullover, but it's still pretty, because it's a nice v-neck pullover and really warm!

Oh and that's a unmakeupped me. I haven't put on make up yet, so that's me with nothing on whatsoever. Also I have really damp hair still, because I took a shower this morning, and if I use a hair dryer I get a nice lil afro. Doesn't suit me well.

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