The Finnish Day of Independence!

So today we're celebrating our national day, and though I am glad I put Tampere behind me for a while at least, I am sad of not getting to see the gala close by. I live 40 km outside of Helsinki so that would be doable, but travelling 200 km while still sick....yeah not gonna happen.

But I will have my wonderful ex coming for dinner, we'll eat raclette, which for me as Swiss isn't all that interesting and I do prefer a good cheese fondue, but raclette is a wonderful party food. It's really a conversation piece and it's so much fun asking people to give you your things off of the hot plate.

I didn't get a blue and white candle this year. I didn't get one last year either. I don't really celebrate the 6th. Not because I don't feel it important, I am Finnish as well as I am Swiss, but the 1st of August means more to me than the 6th of December. Possibly because my mother passed away on the 7th five years ago.

But I wish you all a wonderful national holiday and a great time partying and checking out the dresses of all the guests on TV!

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