✩ ✩ New Year's Resolutions ✩ ✩

As the year 2014 is about to begin, I need to put myself some goals for this year. I have had such a year before, that now I want to really focus and try this out. I don't really usually go for promises I don't know if I can keep, but I'd love to try this out at least once. So here are my 10 resolutions for the year 2014:

1. Lose at least 10 kilos

2. Try to work on not being afraid of hospitals - they are your friends

3. Be a better person towards others - don't make others feel bad on purpose

4. Join the gym in Sipoo

5. Go wandering and travel more

6. Visit friends and family in Switzerland again

7. Get into your desired educational facility

8. Learn a new language

9. Find one new friend

10. Get things sorted out with my ex

Photos from Tumblr.

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