I know it's still November.......but Christmas!

I love Christmas so much, I start gathering up presents for people very soon after stores have stockpiled on their Christmas-y junk. Then it's easy to find wrapping paper and stuff ike that. This year I'm way behind schedule, big surprise since I'm in hospital.
This year I'm also going to buy some new ornaments, something really pretty. Or and beautiful garlands. And lights! I want to put lots of Christmas lights in my room for some winter ambiance,

Here's some inspiration:


  1. I'm a total Christmas junkie. I've had Christmas carols playing in my head for at least a month, and I go absolutely wild when I see holiday stuff in the shops. Now I'm on a mission to find myself a Rudolf Koivu advent calendar!!

    1. I know right? Me too! Well not the Christmas carols, they drive me a bit insane, but all the beautifull lights and ornaments and stuff makes me go insane <3
      I'd really want a scout advent calendar, cause they're so mysterious always!

  2. Great ideas, I don't think I have the patience, though!