Fitocracy - I just LOVE it

Before I spent time on my computer all day long, I couldn't be bothered with Fitocracy since it needs constant updating on progress, but now that I write my blog anyway every day, and thus spend time online, I noticed I just love the programme! It gives me much more inspiration and motivation for exercise than anything else, I can do easy stuff and hard stuff and I always get points for them, no matter what.

Today I levelled myself up to level 5, which isn't much, but for one single day's home exercising it's a hell of a lot for me! So I'm really glad I have this motivation now and feel like doing this. I hope it lasts too, because I've gained weight (no muscles) rather than losing it (and gaining muscles...) so this is an excellent way to get that sorted out.

I do need to buy some new weights though, I only have 2 kg and 5 kg weights, and I desperately need bigger weights if I plan on doing this more!


  1. Your blog gives me such awesome ideas, now I'm in Fitocracy too! I hope it's going to help me keep my promise of a better, healthier life style :)

    1. Yes I noticed! I hope it does for me too :D it's just awesome getting points for being active, gives so much more motivation! And it's just a battle against yourself, and not other, better people!