30 Day Blog Challenge - Days 5 & 6

Again two days at once, because the things for day 5 I'm sure I've talked about before.

Day 5 - A time in your life you thought about ending your life:
Well, I've thought about killing myself more times than I can count, but most of them were less because of depression and more because of apathy and a wish to just see what would happen afterwards. However, last year I was seriously depressed and was *shows with fingers* this close to killing myself.
I didn't. Thanks to my dad being there. And I will forever be grateful for having him in my life, because without him, I would've killed myself ages ago.
My depression is gone now, completely. My anxiety and panic problems aren't, but they are under control.

Day 6 - 30 interesting facts about yourself:
These are probably not going to be very interesting but hey, we'll see!
1. I talk to all animals I see, even seagulls but to those I usually just say something like "Fuck off"
2. I feel very uncomfortable not having a watch on my wrist
3. And my wrist watch was on Canadian time between June and October. Even though I was in Finland.
4. My favourite past time is to watch TV with my dad and do random general trivia quizzes with him (he's so smart!)
5. I'm constantly thinking of ways to rearrange my room and make it more cozy.
6. I smell like my dad and it's horrible.
7. I have the ginger gene.
8. I'm also part Scottish which kinda explains the ginger gene...
9. My favourite game is Trivial Pursuit the GlobeTrotter edition
10. I like being alone but I get really lonely
11. Numbers are important to me, I love numbers
12. I love shopping and getting my nails and hair done, even though I usually look ridiculously unkempt...
13. It takes about a day for me to start missing my fluffball at home
14. My eyes are green but in certain lights they switch between blue, green and copper.
15. I hate ordinary tap water - I need my drinks carbonated.
16. Depending on the clothes I wear and the make up I have I can look between 16 and 30.
17. One of my exs started calling me Frank and it kinda stuck but I've had more nicknames than I want to count
18. I'd rather be called Frank than my real name, cause most people can't pronounce it properly and it irks me so so much.
19. I don't really know who I am
20. My feet are a size EU39/40 depending on the width. I have wide feet.
21. I have a horrible sense of humour.
22. I think every event has a silver lining
23. In my opinion the best parts of my body are my eyes, fingers and toes.
24. I have penpals (snail mail) and I love them!
25. Which kinda explains how much I love getting mail
26. I can't live without cheese. I love cheese.
27. I think Rainbow Cola is the best cola ever
28. Random trivia makes me go all giddy
29. I don't really drink any hot drinks
30. I'm converting to Catholicism


  1. I talk to most of the animals I see too. You can hear me saying, 'hello Mr Bird!' and when people with dogs walk by me I pat the dogs and ask if they are having a good walk. Animals are mostly so kind and sweet (except for my bird who likes to torture me but gets away with it by being cute).

    I feel weird with a watch on. I don't like wearing a lot of things on my arms or hands.

    I grew up drinking filtered rain water and so I can actually taste different flavours of different bottled waters etc. and rarely drink tap water if I can help it! That chlorine taste! Or maybe it's because I'm a faery :P

    anxiety really sucks! Hang in there! :)

  2. Yeah me too! Although I don't pat strange dogs very often cause most owners hate it. Even if you ask... so I just smile and talk an wave. I talk to squirrels a lot! Not even real words but this weird squirrel-y tongue clicking :D

    Haha I never wear jewellery on my arms but I can't live without a watch :D

    Yeah our water actually tastes really good, but if it doesn't have bubbles it doesn't take my thirst away...it's a real problem. Maybe you are a faery!

    I try my best <3 thank you sweetheart