They say it will be warmer

Everyday I go out for a few small walks, because hey I'm allowed to and what else would I do? It allows me to take my camera with me and take as many photos as I can. Alright, I've already taken photos of the hospital area, there's nothing new here anymore, but I decided to have a bit of autumn fun with the macro.

The last of the snow from yesterday - it's all almost gone but I found some!

I also stopped in the hallway and took a few photos of things you can always find in a hospital - all the metal glistening fascinates me, especially to take my camera out.


  1. Awesome, very interesting materials!

  2. I love the bright red berries! Are stethoscopes usually green over there? I am sure ours are all black and plasticky!

    1. No not really, they're usually plain metal or white and metal. But never plastic!