It's been a good day

Sometimes I feel like maybe this depression is something that doesn't last forever. I haven't done much today, I haven't felt much, but I definitely don't feel hopeless or sad, more like just sane. Normal, ordinary, something calm and happy, I suppose.

I tend to have rather bad mood swings, but today I've been really relaxed and calm, most of the time and have had things to look forward to, with the hair dye and the all the challenges I'm doing. Actually especially with my hair, I'm sort of in happy suspense, because now that I cut it, I have some really healthy happy hair to watch grow! Okay maybe not too healthy since I'm bleaching them like mad, but still, hair growth wohoo!

I'm also looking forward to some things I've ordered online, and hopefully they'll come next week because it's been quite a while already and I'm getting a bit anxious about them. I'll show you guys what they are when I get them!

Also going to see my therapist tomorrow, so we'll see if I can get that shrink's appointment because of my sleeping problems. And I wonder if I should continue on a weekly basis - I probably should - or on a biweekly basis...

Do you have any thoughts regarding that? Have you been to therapy and how long did it last till you felt ready to move on?

I still have this irrational fear of going to hospitals, even though I mostly go voluntarily. And by voluntarily I mean I'm in such pain I can't be out of a hospital anymore, because outside they don't give you the good painkillers, the ones that actually take away the pain. So, I go voluntarily, but I'm still afraid of the place. Really afraid. I hope I can talk about it tomorrow in therapy.

Oh and I'm probably going to punch that septum for me, but before that I've been able to stretch my ears to 4 mm now, yay!

All photos from Tumblr.


  1. I was in a bad mood for the last couple of days, so yesterday I decided to dip dye my hair again and it really helped in a way. it's kind of a new start. Maddy of Protesque http://protesque-art.blogspot.de/

    1. Yes! Change can really help sometimes!