Manly Eyeshadow Review part 1/4

I bought this 120 colour palette a few years back, but I've used it very little. I haven't even tried half of the colours, so I decided I'd review it now, so I manage to actually try out all the colours and know what they look like on skin.

In this first part I'm reviewing the three first rows from top. The first row was a bit of a disappointment since only the white and the black where unique, the rest were just very easily fading uncolours if you will, and didn't show very well.
The two other rows on the other hand were really quite impressive, the colours really pop and I don't even have any eyeshadow base in use!

The dark blue ones at the end were slightly disappointing, I mean - they're not dark at all!

Though relatively similar, this row was impressive, very eyecatching colours!

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