Hospitals and Printers

So today I had two appointments in Meilahti - one for the doctor at the Pain Clinic, and one for a stomach MRI. Now seeing the doctor was no problem, she's lovely and friendly and quite talkative, and I've also gotten rid of a lot of pain, so now I don't have to take that many painkillers and she was really happy about that.

The MRI however, not my favourites. First they want to stick a hose in your nose and down into your bowels. Helll no. So I drank the stuff they wanted to pour down that aforementioned hose. Anyway, no problem there, drank the stuff (mannitol to be exact) and got a few preparing sedatives, because I was getting really really nervous. Like I've said before, I have hospitalfobia and just get panicky when in hospitals.
I was quite calm up to the point where they had to stick an IV in me for the medicine that'll show up in the scans, and just (big surprise) couldn't find a single vein.
They hit a couple, but nothing that would work, and so they had to call an anaesthesiologist to put my IV in and good God did that take long. All the while me trying to swallow my panic attack, which at the end ended up coming inside the magnet tube (which for someone not suffering from claustrophobia shouldn't be a problem).

Anyway, I survived after a lot of  crying and hyperventilating, and we went and bought me a new printer with my dad afterwards. Now I have a nice Samsung coloured laser printer! It's the best we could find here and I'm so so happy to have it!


  1. Oh my, poor you! That hospital experience sounds horrible :< I've had MRI twice before but it was only of my head, so I wasn't stuck in the machine very far. But still, even when you'r enot claustrophobic it's not a pleasant place to be in for sure!

    We bought a Samsung Laser printer too lately, I have yet to test it on images but in general I'm also really happy with it :3

    1. Yeah, it's not a pleasant ride really, but it wasn't as bad as last time for sure!
      And yay, that's really good to hear :) then I have no worries for my new printer!