OOTD 7.1.2014


  1. I wish you all the best at the SPITAL. not really sure, what that is , since i am getting confused with US, UK and German meanings. But whatever, still, just the best whishes, I mean, how fucked up do ou have to be to NOT wish someone their best...?
    Love and Hate your blog, so feeling this, the fight, the little half pound that leaves and don't come back forever, that one, that stays off your Current weight forever...
    I sooo wanna stay away from blogs like this, since they sooo do trigger me, but at the same time, I am so happy to see someone, who won't judge me for thinking the fucked up way i think
    Maybe, we met in that group to watch out for each other, i am on a 80something quest and though I know it is sooo fucked up, i want that knowledge that I CAN DO it

  2. wünsche dir einen erfolgreichen Krankenhausaufenthalt und eine ganz schnelle Genesung \(^ω^\)

    1. Danke, ist nur MRI gewesen und Schmerzklinik, also nicht zu viel