Day VII: Food and Medicine and Weight

I screwed up something with these posts, I think I missed a day or something. I have no idea. But it doesn't really make much of a difference so I'm just going to continue from day 7 and not care if I screwed up! K? 

Food diary
Breakfast: 2 dl berry yoghurt 120 kcal
Lunch: 4 tblsp mushed broccoli-chicken curry 200 kcal
           4 tblsp berry compote with no berries 200 kcal
Dinner: 1,5 dl mushed soup 300 kcal
            1 dl whipped porridge 100 kcal
            0,8 dl apple juice 80 kcal
            2 dl berry soup 150 kcal
Alltogether: 1190 kcal?

Medicine diary
14 g Colonsoft x2
6 mg Oxanest IM every four hours
10 mg Oxycontin x2
5 mg Cipralex


Again to the cafeteria and back.

 Because I only just started using the Colonsoft medication again (opiates tend to cause horrible indigestion) so my weight has been going up though I clearly eat too little for me to be gaining anything .- water or fat. I know most of the weight that leaves my body at this point is water and the rest is muscle, but I don't really have all that many muscles in the first place, so there's some fat going as well...

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