Day VII: How about a new kitchen too?

Our kitchen at home is basically falling apart. It has been for years, was never of very good quality. My mom got the urge to remodel is before she died, but she didn't get far with her planning, so nothing changed and it's still the same old kitchen with the uglyish cabinets and really broken stove and oven. The fridge door is falling off (duct tape is keeping it together) and the only thing that's not broken in any way is the almost 100 year old original stove/oven system we have there.
That's something we'd of course always keep, it does take a lot of room but it makes the room so much prettier. Besides, it's still functional. Just because we never use it for the hassle of getting enough wood to heat everything and having an open flame in our kitchen, it's fully functional!

However, everything else I'd really like to have changed in that kitchen, and I'm sort of sure my dad wouldn't mind some new appliances so cooking would become easier and not be so darn frustrating. Of course we may never do this, takes a lot of time, energy and money, which we have none of, because we're both always ill in some way, but still. A girl can dream right?

But I do have to remind you with the upcoming photos, that this is not the kind of kitchen I would personally want for me. It is a compromise of things I like and things I know my dad would like. Since we both own the house and share it, decorating is also a two-way street. I cannot force red appliances on him or old school fridges, I need to consider his tastes as well.

However! Once you scroll down far enough, I'll have a few photos for you of kitchens I find fascinating!

And now for my
Although do ignore the ugly statues and random uneccessary pieces! It's the colour and style scheme that I like

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