Day VI: Thinking of a home I won't see for a while

I'm sure they won't let me go anytime soon, but I'm still planning what I'm going to do to my room. Still. I changed bedrooms with my dad earlier this year and it's all still sort of halway through. Some of my stuff is still in his room and vice versa, so nobody is very happy about the situation.
Secondly, I hated my parents' bed, so I went and sold it. Now I only have one single mattress, so I'll have to get a bed as well. And I don't know where to put it. I think the way the layout of the room is done now is so that nobody could even in the least be keen on using it for something other than sleeping. I'd love to make into my own little nook.
So I'm thinking of changing the whole layout, which is enormous work and since I'm still sick, probably not that easy even after I'm healed.

However, I really want to get it to order and need to start thinking of what I'm going to do with it. If I get on holiday from the hospital at some point (for a day or so), I'm going to measure the entire room and everything in it, so I know better how to plan for it!

But here's some sneak-a-peaks of my inspiration:

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