Day V: Food and Medicine

Nothing new to report here, I will now discontinue telling anything about my regular meds since it's so utterly boring to write about them. Other than that here goes:

Food diary
Breakfast: 1 dl porridge 120 kcal

Lunch: 0,5 dl mushed up meatballs 100 kcal
            2 dl berry quark 200 kcal
Dinner: 2 tblsp of mushed up salmon soup 50 kcal
             1 icecream stick 159 kcal
Snack: Five candies 70 kcal
Alltogether: 699 kcal

Medicine diary
10 mg Oxycontin x2

6 mg Oxanest IM x5
20 mg Diazepam x1
1 pill Zyprexa x1

Small walk to the cafeteria and back with my dad

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