Day V: Comments and studying

I changed the comments for this blog for what in my case is better - no more Google+ comments, but ordinary blogger ones. Nothing censored and anyone can comment (anynonymously as well).
I will disregard comments which are purposfully mean but have no real constructive criticism in them. Trolling is allowed, but will be ignored.
Other than that, please do comment! I appreciate any and every comment I get and I promise to answer all of them (and if you have a blog, I will check that out as well). Possibly not immediately (I do sleep sometimes, I'm so tired from all the painkillers), but I will still at some point, so don't fret! I'm a nice girl on the inside, though sometimes difficult to believe when I get punished this badly with all these sufferings...

Secondly, I'm thinking of taking at least half a year off from my studies. I've been sick for so long that my mental health just can't take it anymore. I still have a few ECTS to go before I get my BA papers (thesis and exam done already), but after that I'll be a free woman for a while.
I've discussed the matter with a few teachers and have the possibility of writing a few essays per course, instead of attending class (which I can't from hospital) or exam since again I don't know if I can attend. I also live 200 km away from my university town, so travel is quite arduous especially if you're still basically on sick leave. Today I already wrote 5 pages on tuberculosis in literature, and tomorrow it will be time for some ethics of historical research. Also my Latin teacher is trying to think of essays for me to write. I have some really amazing teachers, I'm so lucky. They make my life much easier!

After I'm done with my BA, I'm thinking of not continuing to Master's in my own field. I am considering International Business and Administration since it seems to suit me much better, since I actually see a future in that field rather than in mine now. I'm not planning on becoming a teacher, a translator or a researcher so what else is there with English philology? I'd rather do something worthwhile. And not that literary research isn't worthwhile! It's just better someone else does it...
Also I am still young, so changing my "career path" now seems like a much better idea than later in life, when I would be too old to work in Finland once I graduate. I'd like to graduate before 30, thank you very much.

Frankie Savage

PS. If  you have any tips on any good internet based game to play, I'd be very greatful! I don't have any games on my laptop and can't get the ones from home since my dad won't know where they are and explaining it would we way too difficult...

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