Day V: Going back on my word and posting self portraits

I was thinking of keeping my privacy with this blog, but that went out the window when I posted the nearly-naked-slightly-censored-before-weight-loss-photos of me. So I decided, why the heck not post something else as well.
The lighting here in my hospital room is marvellous! They have about four different types of lamps - giving four different types of light, not to mention the abnormally large window (for a hospital that is) which gives ample sunlight during the day. It's really a great place to play around with a camera!
These pictures I took two nights ago after relaxing from the panic attack.
I only used the lighting behind my bed, the slightly larger reading light (I think it might be fluorescent) and I used my Canon EOS 500D for the photographing. I only have that one camera and it is very dear to me. It has it's quirks and oddities, but I've gotten used to them by now.

As it was the middle of the night, it is clear I had no make up on, and had not brushed my hair in a while. However, since I am in hospital, I rarely wear any makeup anyway and only brush my hair when absolutely necessary. Mostly because I'm too annoyed of hospitals to be bothered.
Although, I was thinking that tomorrow I would really do something - put some nice make up on, make my hair nice and put on my civil clothes and play dress up! Because this is a hospital, what else am I supposed to do? 

This would be a much nicer picture if there wasn't the annoying computer phone behind me making me look like an alien

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