Day IV: Food and Medicine

Food diary
Breakfast: 3 tblsp porridge 25 kcal
Lunch: 1 dl mushed up meatballs and peas 200 kcal
           1 dl apple juice 100 kcal
Dinner: 1 dl mushed meatballs 150 kcal
             1 chocolate flavoured Nutridrink 302 kcal
             2 chocolate pieces 60 kcal
             a small handful of candy (hurtttttt) 70 kcal
Altogether: 882 kcal

Medicine diary
Morning and evening: Regulars

10 mg Oxycontin twice a day
6 mg Oxanest IM every three to four hours
14 g Colonsoft
Primperan when needed
20 mg Diazepam

Small walk with dad and some major hyperventilating.

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