My own weightloss #1 (only adults)

I'm going to start a small series now with pictures of me on my journey to a good, healthy, comfortable and hopefully pretty body.
If someone recognizes me from these pictures, fine, I don't really care. I am just too lazy to remove my tattoos from the photos. They are all censored otherwise so no porno-y bits visible. This is only to inspire weightloss, and notice the difference.

I've also tried recording the amount of cellulite and stretch marks I have (they tend to intertwine as well, so differentiating one from the other is not easy) so you'll be able to see what havoc strong amounts of cortisone can do in a short perioud of time. Please understand that though I these days eat way too much and am overweight because of bad habits, all of the horrible scarring and most of the cellulite is a result of extreme doses of cortisone (methylprednisolon) when I was just 12 years old. I was not fat then, I was just eating my meds that kept me alive. So this sort of change is not always due to "greed".

Here are the shockers (and trust me, they are shocking):

Top: From the front with no underarm flab, bottom: with flab

From behind all muscles relaxed

Stretch marks on the side of my hips all the way to my waist.

More side stretch marks, and some marks from my hospital trousers

Stretch marks on my upper arms, they go all the way from my armpit to my elbow bend

Stretch marks all through my legs, they go from my *krhm* ladyparts all the way down to my ankles

Cellulite showing while butt muscles are not held relaxed

Butt muscles relaxed, you can also see my side hip stretch marks on both sides

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