Day XIV: Food and Medicine

Food diary

Breakfast: 2 slices of thin ham 12 kcal
                ½ berry yoghurt 60 kcal
Lunch: ½ cup of lamb soup 100 kcal
           1 cup berry crumble with vanilla quark 300 kcal
Dinner: 1 cup of potato-cauliflower-turkey-gratine 350 kcal
Snacks: 2 pieces of chocolate 60 kcal
              1 small hot chocolate 200 kcal
Alltogether: 1082 kcal

Medicine diary

5 mg Oxycontin x2
5 mg Cipralex x1
x mg Neurontin x3
14 g Colonsoft x2
5 mg Zyprexa x1
2 mg Oxynorm x2
x mg Diapam x2 


Short walk to the cafeteria
80 crunches
20 squats and 10 minute sitting against a wall, whatever it's called
10 lunges on each leg
30 pushups
And one hour long panic attack

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