Day XV: Getting out of hospital

Well, not quite yet, I still have to wait till Saturday, but still. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm nervous about it too, because of the random pain spikes I get every now and again, and  the fact that I tend to get a panic attack because of them, but all that might change once I'm home - safe. I feel so safe at home that it's the only place where I usually feel completely relaxed.
I'm not really an anxious person, or well, in certain cases yes, but usually I'm really laidback and all this hospital business has removed all that from me.

I'm really really happy to get home again.

But first I have a day of only eating clear liquids and tomorrow and enteroscopy. They look through my intire intestinal tract. All of my bowls. Yay, sounds like fun doesn't it? Nah, I'm not too concerned, it's under anesthesia so I don't feel a thing, but do need to be slightly sedated beforehand, because I might just get a panic attack when they try to find a vein for the IV...

Oh, and the mouse on my laptop broke, and I turned off the touch pad ages ago, cause I hated it, and I find it way too arduous to try and get it on without a mouse so now my dad is going to bring me a mouse to hospital in the evening, so I can continue writing my essays. I still haven't finished the second one... And I need five essays now. Jeez Louise.

Today I'll get guests again, more than my dad that is, he is here every evening if he just can - we're really close. I've always been a daddy's girl, and I'm really lucky to have a dad that really cares about me and supports me in my decisions through my life, even though I'm already technically an adult. Plus I think he'd be really bored if he didn't have a chatterbox like me around!

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