Day XV: 10 random facts about me

I noticed a bunch of people doing this on their blogs and thought I'd contribute somehow. I will post just random pictures of bunnies to keep you entertained if you find my facts too dull, you can always "awww" in the middle.

Fact 1. I am extremely caring of random people I may not even know that well. Even to the point that I have deleted friends, because they have not agreed with me on how far you can go with helping someone. I think there's no limit. If someone needs help, and if I find them nice people, I will bloody well help as far as I can!

Fact 2. I cannot remember names. Not even of people I met several times and spoken to on several occasions and heard their names spoken multiple times. I will still forget it.

Fact 3. I remember faces perfectly well. I might not remember a name, but I will remember peoples faces from way way back when, and remember in what context we met. Names I will not remember, but faces stick to my mind like really good glue.

Fact 4. My weight yoyos as much as my mind does. It goes up and down almost regularly, and it's even weird, because I never notice myself changing my food habits. All those little cookies and chocolates and candies and booze just suddenly appear out of nowhere and then I'm fat again. And then I start taking control, lose the excess and down we are again. It's really annoying, why can't I stay in control all the time?

Fact 5. As a friend of my mother's ones put it: manic-aggressive. I mean, sure, right now I'm clearly also depressed. But I'm not manic-depressive. I am manic-aggressive. I'm either super hyper happy active weirdo, or a crazy mean bitch. I go from one to the other in no time, and I have a very short temper. Thankfully I also have great skills in refraining myself, so the worst I've done is call someone a bad name (and yes I know how much that hurts too, I was bullied at school).

Fact 6. I am a drawer. Not one of those wooden ones you put stuff it, but one that just simply draws a lot. I like drawing, it's calming and also stressing sometimes but it makes me really happy. It gets some of my frustration out if I really need it. Kind of like my next fact.

Fact 7. I am a writer. Not an official one since I've never published anything, but I write a lot (outside of this blog as well) and have a few short stories done, or thinking of writing. It's a real escape. And I have a very bad habit of not planning my writing at all, so even I don't know how the story will end or when. But I don't mind. I  don't really write to get stuff published, I write to be happy.

Fact 8. Can't remember words to a single song. I can remember some parts, refrains for example, but never a whole song. Even songs I listen to all the time, and sing to while listening them on youtube or my iPod, I still  can't remember the words. Ever.

Fact 9. Completely clumsy. I shake, shiver and drop things all the frigging time and it's getting a tad frustrating. I'm like my 68-year-old dad in that sense, I shake like maaaaad. Which is why I'm glad my last phone was the Galaxy XCover, 'cause I've dropped it like seven times and it's still exactly the same. Just won't call people...

Fact 10.  I have restless legs syndrome. Now I know a lot of people see as a fake illness, that it's not actually true and we are capable of refraining ourselves from shaking the legs.
No. No No No No and NO. It feels so unbelievably uncomfortable not shaking them that you can actually feel your leg yelling to you through the muscles "SHAKE ME YOU BLOODY IDIOT SHAKE ME NOW"
So no. We can't stop it. If we stop it, the only thing we can think of is the leg screaming.

Need to make these bunny cookies they're so cute!


  1. You just want the cookies so thst you can eat tiny bunnues. ;)

    1. I think I couldn't eat them even if I tried, too cute to eat!