Day I: Food and medicine

I thought I'd keep both a food diary and medicine diary each day (or at least each day I'm capable of handling the task of writing this down).
I will also write down all the medicine I take regularly, but will write [reg] behind each so that you know they are not just because I'm in hospital.
After each item of food I will also place calories or an estimate of calories (seeing as I don't actually know which brand of what they usually give me here, if it has sugar, how much and so on, so calories is sort of a guessing game).

I will also mention exercise, but do not expect anything, since mostly I do nothing here. I am sick, so I am not really allowed to!

Food diary

Breakfast: 2 dl apple juice  180 kcal

                  2 dl berry soup   200 kcal
Lunch: 1 tblsp mushed up potatoes, carrots and chicken(?) 20 kcal
            1 bottle of chocolate flavoured Nutridrink 302 kcal
            1 dl chocolate pudding 110 kcal
Dinner: 2 tblsp mushed up thick soup 25 kcal
             1,5 dl berryquark 200 kcal

All together: 1037 kcal

Medicine diary

Morning: 2,5 mg Prograf [reg]
                5 mg Hydac [reg]
                50 mg Disperin [reg]
                4 mg Medrol [reg]
Evening: 3 mg Prograf [reg]
               10 mg Pravastatin [reg]
               6 mg Melatonin [reg]
               1 pill Yasmin [reg]

3x 1g Paracetamol
X mg Oksanest I.M. every three to four hours
20 mg Diazepam [orally]

(Plus a bunch of vitamins I don't count)


10 minutes of sloooooow walking with my friend whilst taking a few photos of the ward, us, views from windows and elevator hall.

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