Day I: A week here already

I decided to start writing again with a new blog, since I have nothing better to do here in my hospital room. I am 22 years old, heart transplant patient, cancer survivor and now out of the blue sick again. With something. The doctors seem a bit puzzled.
I am also a young woman with a nice body form but that's where it ends. I am chubby, have been fat and due to both fat and high doses of cortisone, I look like a ninety-year-old woman under my clothes. Cellulite. Stretch marks. Huge huge stretch marks.
At the moment I weigh in at 69,2 kg. Which is for my height of only 162 cm way too much, and am hoping to lose (at some point in the future) 15 kgs.

As I am sick now, in hospital, not capable of moving much since I'm not allowed to, I won't exercise. And dieting is actually unbelievably easy right now, seeing as I can't eat really either. You see, my biggest problem is a horrendous pain on the side of my throat, neck and in my mouth. So food - no way can I eat food.

I've been surviving on juices, berry soups and weirdo nutricious drinks for the last five days, so I should be losing some weight soon.

I'm a university student and tend to put on weight when each school year begins, mostly due to alcohol, seeing as we party quite a lot. Luvvvv it.
Sadly it does nasty things to my body, so yeah....change coming now!

I'll be writing about both my weight issues and my medical issues here, and will be posting just random pictures as well (not of me though, keeping my pricavy for now). I will say I am writing from Finland, and Frankie really is my nickname.

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